High School and Community Outreach Ambassador

The Rally Cap Brand Ambassador is a field-based position that is multifaceted. Our Ambassadors are responsible for scheduling and delivering Rally Cap “live in-classroom” post-high-school workshops in high schools within their assigned territories. Along with that, our Ambassadors are also responsible for promoting the Rally Cap On-Demand experience.

Finally, Ambassadors are responsible for reaching out to colleges, universities, and other education and training providers, as well as any product or service providers which offer value to our audience. In this capacity, they help build awareness, and inform potential partners about the benefits of becoming a partner and member of the Rally Cap Network. They then introduce the potential partner to a member of the partnership team who handles the rest of the cycle.

All contracted Ambassadors are assigned defined territories, and those territories remain with that Ambassador year after year provided the Ambassador adequately services those schools in the territory.

To learn more about Rally Cap, please visit www.rallycap.com. Our goal is to help students find the right college, the first time! Through our tablet-based, interactive presentations, Rally Cap helps students identify their strengths, key attributes, and how those strengths correlate with careers and colleges. Rally Cap is unique and innovative in our approach, as we don’t work for any particular college which assures that we are unbiased! As a result of the strategic partnerships that we have aligned with, students have access to thousands of colleges literally at their fingertips! Regardless of students’ interests, we can help, and students only hear from colleges they CHOOSE to connect with!

Requirements: The individual shall possess the following qualifications and skills:

  • Strong desire and belief to help young people figure out their
    post-secondary path.

  • Strong desire to build their own book of business within their territory.

  • Self-starter who is capable of operating without high supervision.

  • Ability to travel, sometimes overnight.

  • Reliable transportation.

  • Clean background check, driving record and sex offender registry check. (no major violations in last 3 years.)

  • Strong time management skills.

  • Excellent speaking and presentation skills.

  • Must possess strong networking skills.

  • Existing contacts in high schools a plus, but not mandatory.

Scheduling and Delivering Live Workshops: This activity is critical to the success of the individual and the company. The window for this mode of production is Labor Day-Memorial Day, with the peak season being September-March. (Excluding school holidays.) Ambassadors are expected to schedule and deliver presentations into schools and classes within their designated territory. As the position is compensated on a production basis, is behooves the Ambassador to be in schools presenting as often as possible during the school year. Being in the schools also present increased networking opportunities for the Ambassador, which creates additional opportunities for live and on-demand workshops.

Promoting and Scheduling "On-Demand" Workshops: Rally Cap’s On Demand experience is designed to give Ambassador’s another tool to expand their reach and impact within their territories. As schedules and availability are sometimes difficult to align, the “on-demand” workshop is a way for Ambassadors to help students and teachers, even when they aren’t able to physically be there in person. It is a version of the workshop that is entirely online and able to be guided by instructors, teachers, and counselors. Ambassadors will play a key role in building awareness and helping teachers take the first step toward being able to deliver these workshops on a schedule that works for them.

  • Ambassadors will network at every high school within their territory and discuss the possibility of teachers using the workshop.

  • Ambassadors will help schedule a time that the teacher will deliver the workshop (this is for bandwidth reasons as the system will initially have limitations on how many students can simultaneously participate.)

  • Ambassadors will execute a “hand-off” to a member of the “success team” who will help coordinate details, technology checks, etc. with the participating teacher, counselor or other staff member.

  • Ambassadors are compensated for production that originates through on-demand workshops referred by the Ambassador.

Introducing potential partners to becoming a part of the Rally Cap network: There are over 5,500 colleges and universities in the US and countless others throughout the world. The goal of Rally Cap is to make as many of these education providers a part of our network. (Provided they are reputable, ethical and a good fit for students.) Outside of colleges and universities, there are an infinite number of companies who offer products or services that may be beneficial to our audience. Ambassadors will play a key role in building awareness and introducing education providers and other potential partners to the benefits of becoming a part of the Rally Cap network. This activity will occur year round.

  • Ambassadors making a minimum number of attempts (calls or drop-in visits: per week to assigned prospective partners.

  • Ambassadors conducting initial overviews of our mission and services.

  • Scheduling appointments and introducing the prospective partner to a member of the Rally Cap Partnerships team.

  • Ambassadors will be responsible for originating a minimum number of partnerships monthly.

  • Again, this number will be discussed and jointly agreed upon by the team.

This position is a contract position with the potential to grow into a salaried position. We offer support, training, and access to our platform. Compensation is based on production and offers significant upside for those willing to hustle and grow.

To Apply: Please submit a cover letter detailing your qualifications and why you are interested in the position and working for Rally Cap along with your resume.