8% of our students (approximately 20,000) opt in to a work pathway. We have a significant amount of students ready to work if you are ready to hire them. Are you hiring interns, do you need a younger employee eager to work? We can help.

Features of our Network:

  • Students are matched and choose the type of employment they want to pursue through a series of interpersonal questions and criteria. Our process matches the student's behaviors, skills, wants and needs to the type of work they want to do

  • Our model is student driven and directed

  • We have a simple cost structure for any new partners that want to be involved in our “ubeu” workshop, our network and in communications to our students

  • Mutually beneficial for the employer and the student

Benefits of our Network:

  • Using our technology in the classroom they CHOOSE you and ask to be connected

  • Efficiency

  • Awareness, high touch, face to face interactions in high schools

  • True student match with those that want to enter the workforce after high school

  • We can provide information about employment that they might not normally get, specific to your organization