We have included all branches of the military in our searchable database for our students. 7% of students (approximately 17,500) from our workshops opt in to a military pathway. We would like to connect them with the correct branches of the military and give them the right information as they decide if this is the right path after high school.

If you are a representative or recruiter for one of the 5 armed service branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy and want to be part of our high school network please contact us.

Simply put, if you are part of our network and a student opts in to your branch of the military we will connect you directly with that student within a 24 hour time frame.

Features of our Network:

  • High touch, face to face interactions

  • Highly measurable, qualified inquiries

  • True student match with those wanting to serve in the military

  • Mutually beneficial for the military and the student

  • We have a simple cost structure for any new partners that want to be involved in our “ubeu” workshop, our network and in communications to our students

  • Students are matched and choose your branch through a series of focused interpersonal questions and criteria. Our process matches the student's behaviors, skills, wants and needs to their military path

Benefits of our Network:

  • Finding the right people

  • Face to face presence is difficult and time consuming

  • Access to high school students

  • Marketing efficiencies, measurement, and decreased costs for recruitment

  • Using our technology in the classroom, they choose your branch of the military and ask to be connected

  • General awareness in the high school channel