Nearly 10% of our students (approximately 25,000) opt in to a Gap Year pathway and we would like to connect them with the right partners. If you are interested in being part of our network please let us know.with that student within a 24 hour time frame. Simply put if you are part of our network and a student opts in to your Gap Year Program, we will connect you directly with that student within a 24 hour time frame.

Features of our Network:

  • Students are matched and choose your Gap program through a series of focused interpersonal questions and criteria. Our process matches the student's behaviors, skills, wants and needs to their education

  • Our coverage area and selection model are effective and efficient which means more qualified, invested student inquiries than any other source or channel in the high school space

  • Our model is student driven and directed

  • We have a simple cost structure for any new partners that want to be involved in our “ubeu” workshop, our network and in communications to our students

  • Mutually beneficial for the Gap program and the student

Benefits of our Network:

  • Using our technology in the classroom, they CHOOSE your program and ask to be connected

  • Efficiency

  • Brand differentiation

  • High touch, face to face interactions

  • True student match with your Gap program